Lingzhi mushroom - Reishi, the "mushroom of eternal life"


Lingzhi mushroom - Reishi, the "mushroom of eternal life"

The invaluable Chinese medicine since Qin Shi Huang emperor. It contains polysaccharide that helps to build the immunity against cancer. Lingzhi also contains natural Steroids with high sulfur and copper that might cause nausea.
The benefit of Lingzhi is a tonic, prolong lifespan, brightening and healthier skin, age delay, immunity enhancement, brain development, stomach relief, menstrual pain relief, blood pressure reduction, LDL reduction, white blood cell balance, and pain relief from Chemotherapy, including healing wound, fading scar, and increasing oxygen.

Due to its high triterpene content, Reishi has an extremely beneficial influence on all kinds of physical inflammations. Its triterpenes have effects similar to those of cortisone and inhibit the release of histamine, which accounts for swellings, reddening and itching. Specifically inflammation has been recently shown to play a central role in our bodies. The latest research has revealed that if complex inflammations escalate out of control they can result in a cardiac infarction, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. Reishi is thus vital for sustainable health or recovery.
Because the triterpenes it contains inhibit the release of histamine, Reishi is one of the most important mushrooms in the treatment of allergies of all kinds. Dermal or mucosal inflammations are alleviated.
Reishi regulates the immune system and thus supports our body’s self-regulating forces in fighting viral infections such as Herpes zoster and Herpes simplex.

Note:To consume Lingzhi requires the good proportion and drinking a lot of water. Its quality healthifies the body for every age and gender. In the first time of consumption, it might cause dizziness and body pain due to detox effect. This is the sign of recovery and body balance. For example, for those who have diabetes, the frequency of urination may increases. For those who have gout, the pain might be more intense or those who have kidney issue; they may have joint pain or joint swelling. All of these symptoms represent the sign of body recovery. 

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