suffering from migraine


suffering from  migraine

I have been suffering from migraine for severe years .. 

I have a headache almost every day and at least 2 times a week (migraine) ... I was looking for many solutions to to get RIP of this problem ... I came across to this coffee ... but it was very skeptical because I've already tried soooo many things ....
even when I started to drink the coffee I was not feeling well ... I wanted to give up ... had 2 to 3 weeks very strong headache / migraine and also stomach pain ... with the tip of thewie to take only half of the sachet, I was gradually better ... it is not all gone but it so much better than before .... also 2 weeks no pain and that is very worthfull.
I also do not have to take so many painkillers for that I am very grateful.
I can recommend it to anyone to try it out ... as every day with pain to walk around and or the one who has children arround is very life-limiting ... for me it means a lot when I'm just a few days at the just painless .. ,
Thanks for that .. Susanne from St.Gallen Switzerland

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