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Ginseng (Panax Korean ginseng) It has been used for more than 2,000 years. The herb balances sensitivity, reduces distraction, freshen-up emotion, and increases wisdom. With its qualities, some call it “Adaptogen” (a natural substance considered to help the body effectively. It is expensive. It affects lungs, spleen, and stomach, which is regarded as a tonic for inner organs. Ginseng helps to energize the body, reducing exhaustion, balancing, improving the endocrine system, solving fainting, thirst, and loss of appetite. Moreover, it cures arrhythmia or respiratory disorder. Ginseng also has the quality to nourish heart which its effect is similar to digoxin. It protects from CAD, DVT, and Atherosclerosis. Ginseng will reduce cholesterol in the vessel and prevent a clot, which is the significant reason for thrombosis. It increases red blood cell; therefore, the herb can be used with those with anemia and low blood pressure. In addition, it also builds red blood cell in the bones. Furthermore, Ginseng resists Hepatotoxicity from chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, and alcohol, decrease stress, health plus of women during menopause, dry and aged skin, including adding moisture, recovering the sickness, reducing side effect from chemotherapy, acid, and enzyme in the stomach, and resisting wounds in the stomach.


Ophiocordyceps sinensis “Viagra of Himalaya” Cordyceps strengthens the genitals and the neurological system engaged with reproduction and sexual instinct. It has positive effects on the production of sex hormones. Consequently, this medicinal mushroom can be implemented for all kinds of genital-related problems.

Chinese caterpillar fungus – According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this mushroom supports the kidneys. These store our entire physical and mental energy and are thus considered the "root of life". Cordyceps bestows power, stamina and a strong will.

However, we are not only talking about kidneys as an organ but as an entire functional circuit according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This also includes the genitals, bone, marrow and the ears.

This is the best elixir of emperors, highly expensive and rare. They are found in the high valley, very cold and humid climate. It can be divided into 2 parts: caterpillar and hairs. In winter, when the butterfly lays eggs on the grass, its caterpillar will hibernate under the snow and the hairs will grow from the body; that is the world’s most expensive mushroom. When the snow melts, in summer, spores will diffuse and fall to the ground. The spores grow and absorb nutrients from the caterpillar; therefore the Chinese call it “Dong Chong Cao” which means “be the worm in winter, be the grass in summer.” Owing to the fact that the mushroom grows on the grass floor, this herb helps increase strength, freshen-up, immunity building, nourish blood vessel, asthma remedy, exhaustion reduction, chest pain relief, fever healing, expectoration, cough treatment, trans fat removal, liver and kidney enrichment, blood circulation stimulation, stop bleeding, toxic and bacteria resistance, increase of sexual performance, sexual stimulation, strengthen sperms, blood circling in the sex organ, tremor cure, fast heartbeat cure, lung nourishment, Emphysema cure, menstruation care, refreshing brain, and emotional control.

Lingzhi mushroom - Reishi, the "mushroom of eternal life", is primarily effective in regenerating the liver and thus detoxifying. Due to its high triterpene content it is also anti-inflammatory.
The invaluable Chinese medicine since Qin Shi Huang emperor. It contains polysaccharide that helps to build the immunity against cancer. Lingzhi also contains natural Steroids with high sulfur and copper that might cause nausea.
The benefit of Lingzhi is a tonic, prolong lifespan, brightening and healthier skin, age delay, immunity enhancement, brain development, stomach relief, menstrual pain relief, blood pressure reduction, LDL reduction, white blood cell balance, and pain relief from Chemotherapy, including healing wound, fading scar, and increasing oxygen.
Due to its high triterpene content, Reishi has an extremely beneficial influence on all kinds of physical inflammations. Its triterpenes have effects similar to those of cortisone and inhibit the release of histamine, which accounts for swellings, reddening and itching. Specifically inflammation has been recently shown to play a central role in our bodies. The latest research has revealed that if complex inflammations escalate out of control they can result in a cardiac infarction, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. Reishi is thus vital for sustainable health or recovery.

Because the triterpenes it contains inhibit the release of histamine, Reishi is one of the most important mushrooms in the treatment of allergies of all kinds. Dermal or mucosal inflammations are alleviated.

Reishi regulates the immune system and thus supports our body’s self-regulating forces in fighting viral infections such as Herpes zoster and Herpes simplex.
Note:To consume Lingzhi requires the good proportion and drinking a lot of water. Its quality healthifies the body for every age and gender. In the first time of consumption, it might cause dizziness and body pain due to detox effect. This is the sign of recovery and body balance. For example, for those who have diabetes, the frequency of urination may increases. For those who have gout, the pain might be more intense or those who have kidney issue; they may have joint pain or joint swelling. All of these symptoms represent the sign of body recovery.

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White Kidney Bean/Phaseolamin has the responsibility to resist Amylase enzyme which digests carbohydrate in the first area of small intestines. This enzyme minimizes flour to a small molecule, causing the body absorb some flour and sugar-contained foods. Phaseolamin has the effect of glucose digestion. 66% will be removed out of the body and the remaining 34%, the enzyme will digest glucose independently. The flour we consume will not entirely be absorbed into the body. As a result, the fat from the glucose changing decreases. White Kidney Bean also takes part in carbohydrate digesting resistance and prevents frequent hunger, control glucose in the blood, and reduce triglyceride.

Opuntia ficus ibdica(L)Mill has the quality to be two types of fibers: soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber. It entraps fat and builds special gel to protect the digestion and absorption of fat. Consequently, some fat has not been absorbed and will be defecated through the large intestine. According to a research on human, the consumption of Opuntia ficus indica at 1.6 g per one meal can help reduce fat in blood vessels and triglyceride, resulting in decreasing the risk of coronary artery disease. Moreover, another research found that gel from cactus extract is able to protect the stomach from gastric ulcer. This cactus extract is also plenty of high-quality fiber to reduce hunger, delay glucose absorption to blood, and contains a lot of water that smoothes excretory system and
protects from hemorrhoids. More Infor

Magnesium is a mineral nutrient. Magnesium helps relieve in-digestive problem that relates to oxidation. Mostly, it stays in the cell and has the duty in stimulating enzymes, working as the co-factor with several enzymes. It is needed for carbohydrate metabolism and amino acid metabolism changing to the energy for absorption and metabolism for other minerals, for example, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. Magnesium relieves migraine, depression, stress, and insomnia. Plus, it helps the production of melatonin. When Magnesium cooperates with Calcium, it will work as a natural sedative calming the mind. For Calcium and Magnesium, they enhance the efficiency of the nervous system, muscle control and deflation. If the body deprives of this mineral, it will lead to cramps and insomnia due to the disturbance of nervous system.

L-Carnitine urges the production of Mitochondria that changes fat to energy and energizes sperms so it takes part in fat burning. It is popular among those who love exercise and want to control weight. For fat people, according to the test, their tissue contains none of the carnitines or contains less. It is assumed that obesity, fat, and L-carnitine are relevant in terms of the transport of fat. When the body contains more L-carnitine, fat burning will increase. It will use fat to produce energy at the cell level (Mitochondria) and burn it for energy. It will give the best result for those who love doing exercise but if you do not do it, none will happen.

L-Glutathione is one of Tripeptide substance that contains 3 amino acids which are Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamic acid. It is mostly found in human’s liver. L-Glutathione is a principal amino acid to fight against free radicals and ceases melanin building which causes melasma, freckles, and dark spots. The benefit of glutathione is to reduce the deterioration of cells in our body. Detoxification : Glutathione also builds enzymes, especially Glutathione-S-transferase at liver will help to remove toxins from our body by changing the insoluble toxic such as heavy metals, volatile matter, insecticide, and some medicines to be non-hazardous and soluble substance then remove it out of the body. In addition, it will protect the liver from Acetaldehyde caused by alcohol (and causing hangover), smoking, and some medicines. Immune Enhancer :  Glutathione will increase the capacity in Neutrophils white blood cell’s elimination of contaminants and pathogen and the capacity to work with the other cells and the immunity system.  Beauty and Whitening : UV-A ray and UV-B ray from the sunlight is the stimuli of melanin and free radicals to destroy the skin cell resulting in dullness, dark spots, and melasma. L-Glutathione has the quality to be against the free radicals that cause Lipid peroxide which originates to melasma.

Grape Seed Extract is categorized as an interesting antioxidant with high efficiency because it riches of Flavonoids which its capacity is better than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The benefits of grape seed extract are to enrich the skin, delay age, and prevent dry skin. The extract enhances collagen and protects your eyes from the visionary diseases, for example, Glaucoma and Age-related Macular Degeneration. For the skin, it reduces the melanin that leads to melasma, freckles or dark spots and also balances the skin color. Furthermore, it prevents arthritis, damages from radiation or chemical therapy, increases the blood circulation, and ceases the damages of collagen. The extract is good for the heart as it reduces the risk of heart diseases, protects the body from any abnormality in blood vessels, varicose veins, strokes that may cause paralysis. It also decreases inflammation and swelling from surgery, dental bleeding, and herpes simplex.
L-Glutamine also decreases muscle’s exhaustion from exercise. It will destroy lactic acid in the muscle so we can prolong the exercise activity. The longer we can do the exercise, the more of growth hormone. It stimulates the release of growth hormone that helps rush the growth of muscle and bones. This hormone is accounted for the hormone of youth, returning our youth. Furthermore, it repairs the damages muscles more than 60%. L-Glutathione exists in the muscle cell or is the main structure of muscle. When we do a heavy exercise, the body will exploit a lot of glutamine. But when the body runs out of it, the muscles will be digested to increase glutamine, resulting in muscle breakdown. Another benefit is it is the source of brain’s energy, best for mental works. L-Glutathione works as a substrate to produce glutamate or GABA. Moreover, it washes out the ammonia resulted from the brain’s working overload. The others benefits are for immunity system, brain’s process, digestive system, wound healing.

Fisch Collagen is the primary structural protein of the body, playing a vital role in the formation and maintenance of our bones, tendons, ligaments, hair, nails, and skin. As one of the only sustainable sources, and with studies showing increased absorption and bioavailability due to the smaller particle size of fish collagen peptides, it is no wonder that more consumers are switching to fish collagen for their anti-aging needs.

Sucralose is a sweetener with the sweet level 320-1,000 times higher than sugar. Presently, sucralose has been used more than 80 countries around the world. It may be concluded that the overview of sucralose is the sweetener without giving energy and effect toward insulin hormone in the body. Moreover, it does not increase the glucose level in blood; therefore, it is best for general people and diabetic patients whose body cannot digest the glucose properly.  Unlike sugar in terms of dental safety, this delays the growth of bacteria in the mouth and put a stop to dental caries. Sucralose has been accepted from many Food and Drug organizations of several countries, WHO, EU’s food experts, Diabetes Association of Canada, etc. In regards to the experiment with human and animals on the safety towards the body of mammal animals, it was discovered that it does not cause any cancer or side effects to the reproductive system and the nervous system. Some foreign units indicate that people can consume 9 mg of sucralose/1 kg of body weight/ day without any side effect.

Wolfberry/Gojiberry is a plant in Lyceum Barum with its originality in China. It is the fruit of Himalaya, having good smell and benefits to the body. It enriches with nutrients and antioxidants. Regarding the research of Dr. Earl Mindell, he discovered the qualities and benefits of wolfberry as follows:

The fruit contains 19 amino acids and mineral the body demands for 21 types. The main types are zinc, iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, germanium, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, E, and 4 polysaccharides: LBP-1, LBP-2, LBP-3, LBP-4. Wolfberry balances glucose in blood and insulin reduces weight, and recovers damaged cells from chemical or ray. With the germanium (Ge) in organic, it will kill cancer. Zeaxanthin in the wolfberry reaches 162 mg/100g, which means the amount of Zeaxanthin is 5 times higher than spirulina. In consequence, it is able to nourish eyesight and protect eyes from the blue light, best for those who suffer Pinguecula and blur vision. Beta-sitosterol helps reduce cholesterol through the absorption in the intestines, decrease BPH, and increase the efficiency of sperms. Cyperone protects the heart. Physalin kills the severe sickness such as Leukemia. Betaine is the substance for liver which produces Choline for good memorization and muscles and liver disease prevention.

Acerola Cherry contains Vitamin C strengthen immunity resulting in the increase of white blood cell. A white blood cell is important to the immunity system that has the duty to destroy pathogen from the body, kill fungi. Acerola Cherry is against fungi due to the resistance substance in the fruit prevent the growth of fungi so it will reduce the risk of skin fungal infection or on the body parts. Acerola Cherry contains the antioxidant or Phytonutrients which efficiently works with the other vitamins to collaborate protecting cells from free radical, resulting in youthful skin. Due to collagen production, the wounds heal faster and the skin tightened without wrinkles or any aged lines.

Lycopene belongs in Carotenoids as same as Beta-carotene. It has the dark shade of red color. Lycopene helps to balance hormones and the immunity system and reduces the risk of cancers in intestines, stomach, alimentary canal, cervix, prostate, breast, and skin. Additionally, it can protect from coronary artery disease due to its quality to resist LDL. As the human body is unable to synthesis lycopene, we have to consume it directly.

Ginkgo Biloba is the excellent antioxidant that helps stimulate blood circulation, leading to more oxygen sent to heart and other organs. It nourishes the brain, mediation, good memorization, and thinking. For the patients with Alzheimer, it prevents depression, reduces cramps or muscle pains, dizziness, ear ringing, and prevents deflation or trachea.

Inulin is carbohydrate type polysaccharide. It is regarded as soluble dietary fiber that the body cannot digest in the alimentary system and does not provide energy; nonetheless, the bacteria in the large intestine will digest it. Its quality includes prebiotic or to be the food of probiotic bacteria which exist in the large intestine, called bifidobacteria. Insulin as the dietary fiber provides no calorie but helps absorbing glucose to blood and reduces cholesterol and LDL, increase HDL. As a result, it has been added to the diabetic patients’ foods. This can help weight loss.

Garcinia atroviridis Griff. ex T.Anderson In Thailand, people mostly grow in the southern region. The early consumption of garcinia will make you feel hunger often but after 1-2 weeks, drinking a lot of water during this period, the frequent hunger will decrease and the yo-yo effect will not touch your body. The experts in nutrition at Mahidol University estimated and founded that there is no alternation of kidney and liver, including glucose in blood and blood pressure. Granicia contains the key substance called Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA which is capable of resisting the enzyme in the fat production after carbohydrate consumption.

Lutein is a nutrient in Xanthophylls group which the color is yellow. It also belongs to Carotenoids and is able to delay Age-Related Macular Degeneration in adults. Apart from AMD prevention, it also reduces the risk of Cataracts and Myopia due to the deflation of muscles in the eyes and dry eyes or Vitamin A deficiency. Moreover, it solves the problems of Vitreous Floater, protects from blue light, strengthens blood vessels and cell wall in the eyes, fights against free radicals, reduces dispersion of light resulting in clearer vision, increases the visionary capacity during day and night times, and delays eyes degeneration.

Soybeans are a species of legume that has become one of the most widely consumed foods in the world. They are extremely useful for human health and they are easy to cultivate as well. These legumes are produced in greatest numbers in the United States and South America, but they are actually native to East Asia. Their scientific name is Glycine max, and they are classified as an oilseed, rather than a pulse, like most legumes. Soybeans have become wildly important and popular in recent decades because of the rise in soy food’s popularity, including soy milk and textured vegetable protein. The high levels of protein make these soy products an ideal protein source for vegetarians and the variety of soy products has created a massive new market altogether.

Soybeans Nutrition Facts
The health benefits of soybeans come from the nutrients, vitamins, and organic compounds including a significant amount of dietary fiber and a very large amount of protein. In terms of vitamins, soybeans contain vitamin K, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B6, thiamin, and vitamin C. As for minerals, soybeans contain significant amounts of iron, manganese, phosphorous, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and calcium. They are also a good source of organic compounds and antioxidants, which further help in boosting your health.

Vitamin B12, cobalamin is the soluble vitamin. It is the key to brain and nervous system’s working process and the production of red blood. It enriches the nerves resulting in better memorization, and balance. Also, it relieves irritability and stress while it is able to enhance the growth and the increase of energy. Vitamin B12 increases the appetite of children and the body to use fat, protein, and carbohydrate in the suitable quantity. Additionally, it reduces the risk of heart diseases. Vitamin B 12 will build red blood and prevent anemia from smoking and cancer.

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