customer said
"Kornnikar coffee is not really a coffee drink. It is a Herbal drink, containing a small amount of coffee to give it an agreeable taste, plus a soya-based creamer. I’ve never heard anyone say that they don’t like the taste.

The ingredients are mainly plant extracts which have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. They include substances to help you lose weight and to improve your skin, but the most important are those which “detoxify” your blood. Our modern life style means that many toxic substances enter our bodies (from pollution in the air, synthetic additives in processed food, etc.) and Kornnikar coffee helps the body eliminate these toxic substances..." Customer from England


1 sachet contains coffee 3.75 grams. Giving 11.45 mg of caffeine is about like a cup of hot chocolate.
One of 19, our natural ingredients, is Ganoderma lucidum / Lingzhi, a herbal preparation from nature that is amazing. It helps to relieve insomnia and prolongs the REM phase (deep sleep period). An ingredient in Ganoderma lucidum / Lingzhi, Ruth Benzodiazepine helps to relax.

It is non-allergic even though the consumer has an allergy : Thailand’s Food and Drug permits Kornnikarthewie to use the extracts with the amount that might cause a slight allergy or 1/3. For the allergen stimulation technique that affects the immunity system, when the body is aroused by the small amount of allergen, resulting in the building of immunity to protect the body. And when the body has been stimulated appropriately, in the end, our body can conquer the allergy.

Weight loss is a MUST to understand how our bodies work. We need the right nutrients because our body is amazing things. We must balance our body with what we consume.
Kornnikarthewie coffee is not a medicine and not a weight loss drug, but many nutrients or herbal medicines in coffee help to balance the body

Most of our customers are not coffee drinkers. As it contents low caffeine as low as or less than hot chocolate and 3 type of taste so delicious makes the customers love to drink.

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